When your throat itch, so this!

🇻🇳Vietnam's new corona virus has zero death rate so far. Relevant international people have obtained the secret of super country Vietnam!

Even if you are infected with the new corona virus, it will definitely not cause death. A lot of facts prove that the formula is still very simple, but it is particularly effective.

The secret formula of the international super cure is as follows:

1. Make green tea in hot water..

2. Drink hot tea after mixing the lemon juice.

3. The secret recipe can kill the new coronavirus immediately.

4. After being tested by experts, the virus can be completely eliminated from the body.

5. The principle is that the formula of these two ingredients makes the immune system alkaline. Because when night falls, the body system becomes acidic, and the body's immunity will be reduced accordingly.

6. Everyone drinks a cup of hot water and a little lemon in the evening, and shares this magical secret with everyone, but there are boundless merits!

...This simple formula is very effective because it will not be infected by the new coronavirus!

——The internal secret

Friends can store them for later...

How do you know that you have been infected with the new coronavirus?

1. Itchy throat

2. Dry throat

3. Dry cough

4. High body temperature

5. Shortness of breath

6. Loss of smell

Before the virus infects the lungs, warm water with lemon can eliminate the virus.

*🔴Don't keep this information yourself. Please pass it to your family and friends. *














1. 喉嚨癢

2. 喉嚨乾燥

3. 乾咳

4. 高體溫

5. 氣促

6. 失去嗅覺


*🔴不要自己保留這資料。 請傳給你的家人和朋友。*